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Chairperson is responsible for the supervision of the event from start to finish. He/She should maintain communication with the Booster Board and membership and relay regular updates and any challenges encountered. The chairperson should possess an understanding of any necessary research, managing of helper(s) and working with outside resources. Any expenses need to be kept in line with an agreed upon budget. Chairperson should collect all invoices and receipts along with raised funds and coordinate timely delivery of these items to the board treasurer. At the completion of the event, the chairperson will submit a report outlining the highlights of the event, detailing expenses and income.  This report should also include success stories and any suggestions that will improve future occasions. .

Forms will be available at the meetings or you can contact any board member to volunteer. Our contact information can be found under the Board Members tab on the front page.

Your help will be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you




Pasta Dinner: Chairperson(s): Armando Rams and Al Rubino

Usually held at the Community Center middle to end of March.  Volunteers needed for set up and break down also to serve on the food line. 4-5 Volunteers

Silent Auction: Chairperson: Tara Huffman

Held during pasta dinner.  Volunteers needed to procure, collect and assist in arranging auction items on tables. 4-5 Volunteers.

Car Wash (2): Chairperson: Marty Kellaher

Usually held in April and May.  Players wash the cars. Volunteers supervise and collect donations. 4-5 Volunteers.

Program Book and Sponsors: Chairperson(s): Tracy Rams and Sherrie Kellaher

April Roll-out.  Annual yearbook displays ads placed by family and friends of players.  Volunteers assist chair in collecting pictures and ads from people placing ads.  Also, major sponsors are sought for cover pages. 2-3 volunteers

Clothing Sales and Player Accessories: Chairperson(s): Sudie Danaher and Alex Conover

Items are sold to fans at various events (Tree lighting, band and chorus concerts, Little League opening day, etc…).  Volunteers assist in setup, staffing and breakdown of sales tables at these events. 2-3 Volunteers

Uniforms: Chairperson: Doug Danaher

Volunteers assist in pickup and delivery of uniforms. 1-2 Volunteers

Painting Social Event: Chairperson: Jackie Peters

March Date (TBD).  Ladies night out.  Painting with a twist. 1-2 Volunteers

Potluck Dinners: Chairperson: Amy Blume

Family members gather the night before our first game and the night prior to our last home game.  Families bring food items and all partake.  Teams are announced at first dinner and Seniors are recognized at the second.  Volunteers needed for collecting dishes, setup, serving and cleanup. 7-8 Volunteers  

Senior Night: Chairperson: Tracy Rams

Seniors and their parents/siblings are recognized prior to the start of our last home game.  Volunteers necessary to assist chair with program, set up, announcing players, arranging player meals. 3-4 Volunteers

Cleanup Day: Chairperson – John Peters

Beginning and end of season.  Field cleanup and maintenance, weeds, grass, painting etc…

As many volunteers and possible are welcome!!

Awards Banquet: Chairperson: Kathryn Piersanti 

End of year banquet.  Players attend with their families and the season is reviewed by coaches.  Player awards are distributed and coaches are recognized.  Volunteers needed to arrange gifts, seating, scheduling.

3-4 Volunteers